Weight Training for Track and Field, Cross Country, and Road Running

Trackwired: Our weight training programs are designed by elite coaches that have produced multiple NCAA National Champions, NCAA record holders, Olympic and World Champion Gold Medalists from different federations around...

Trackwired: Our weight training programs are designed by elite coaches that have produced multiple NCAA National Champions, NCAA record holders, Olympic and World Champion Gold Medalists from different federations around the world including the United States, Jamaica, and multiple countries across Europe and Africa.  This weight training has developed multiple sub 10 second 100 meter male runners, sub 13 male and female hurdlers, 28’ / 8.50m and 21’ / 6.40m male and female long jumpers,  19’ / 5.80m and 16’5” / 5.00m pole vaulters along with elite distance runners from sub 4 minute miles all the way to sub 32 minute female 10k runners.  You name it and our strength training program does it all for any athlete or coach, training for any event in track and field, cross country and road running.  This program is guaranteed to help you run faster, jump higher and throw farther than you ever have before.   

*This training plan is an instant digital download backed by powerful administration tools that allow customization based on percentages of an individuals maximum effort for both male and female athletes, accessed immediately after purchase on desktop and mobile devices.  This weight lifting program was designed to work in conjunction with ALL training plans on trackwired.com.

Training Plan: Track and field, cross country, and road running athletes need a program that will help them maintain lean muscle mass and get stronger without putting on extra weight.  Our programs are created with the mindset of having a “big engine in a small frame.” This weight lifting training program includes detailed daily workout instruction to help with proper technique with all of your olympic lifts, power movements, and core strength based on percentages of an individual’s maximum effort. Our programs are designed to encompass a base training cycle and in-season programming from calendar lengths of 8 up to 20 weeks in length.  Our detailed video instruction will take you step by step from warm up to cool down showing you exactly what needs to be done in terms of proper posture positions for technique, reps and sets along with percentages of all lifts as well as multiple core routines to help you in every track and field, cross country, and road running.  Athletes and coaches must supplement their training with quality programming in the weight room.  

Beginner: This includes youth athletes up through the younger high school ranks.  We have designed this program for age group athletes keeping things basic and to the point.  Younger athletes must find interest and success in our sport.  We have kept this at the forefront of our mind keeping the training basic and the volume limited with an understanding that most practices must be kept short in duration.  

Intermediate: Our intermediate level is designed with high school age athletes in mind.  At Trackwired we understand the wide variety of age, motivation, and talent levels that are included in this group.  The volume and technical component of this programming is a significant step up from the beginner level; however, we feel confident that our programs encompass a wide range of needs for all athletes that focus on power development and core strength through a systematic progression to keep the athletes healthy.  This program focuses on essential lifting fundamentals and prescribes a training volume that is appropriate to challenge the athlete while giving them the opportunity to see improvement on a daily basis.   

Advanced: Our advanced level lifting program is designed for the elite level high school athlete through college and into the professional ranks that have proven they have the ability to train at the highest level.  This program includes higher volume and intensity training, and top end olympic lifts for advanced athletes looking to take their training to an elite level.  If you want to be an elite athlete, you must be efficient and effective with your lifting technique.  Proper posture, functional strength, and explosiveness along with core stability are essential in every event in track and field, cross country, and road running.  Attention to the details is a must when looking to improve by even the smallest of margins. This prescribed training plan will challenge you but give you the tools needed to take your skill set to the next level.

To Activate Training Plan(s): After checkout, you will be taken to an orders summary page where you will receive a link to activate the digital training plan(s) purchased. You will also receive an email that will direct you to the orders summary page to activate the digital training plan.  After clicking on the link to activate the plan, you will create a free Trackwired.com account.  This account will give you full access to the plan purchased as well as 1400+ track and field instructional training videos. The purchased plan will be loaded into your Trackwired “My Training Plans” tab.  From there you will be able to customize the digital training plan with a personal goal time and import into to your Trackwired training calendar.  The personalized training program will then be synced and available via both your desktop and mobile device, with specific interval training as well as step by step 30 second video instruction for every technical component of your training.  

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