This is a running hang drill for the pole vault. To start this drill, have the athlete stand with the pole directly next to them and reach up as high as they can on the pole. From that point, grip a hand or maybe two hand grips higher to begin with for a starting point of where to hold on to the pole. This drill is doing a number of things. The first thing that it's doing is teaching an athlete to take off before the pole tip actually hits the back of the box. You can see here, the athlete is dropping the pole, they are extending the right hand as high as possible, and actually taking off before the pole tip hits the ground. This is what allows them to swing through each time. The second thing is the athlete keeping their swing leg or trail leg back behind them. It's important to keep the hips behind the pole, hang on the top arm, and have that delayed trail leg back behind keeping the hips behind the pole.

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