This drill will teach you how to develop the distance of a 12 step pole vault approach. Notice that we are off of the pole vault runway. First, pick a consistent starting point by putting the 0 end of the tape measure at that starting point. From there, the athlete is going to run numerous 12-step approaches focusing on the proper rhythm, pole drop and take off of the 12-step approach. Notice that the coach has marked the take-off foot numerous times. The coach then picks out the spot that they like the best and points that out to the athlete. At that point the athlete is going to put their toe on that mark, extend their right hand above their head directly above their take off foot. The coach will then go mark where the pole tip is located. From that point, you can measure directly over from where the pole tip is on the ground to the tape measure. This is your full 12 step distance measured from the back of the box back down the runway to your starting point of your approach.

Click here for pole vault training plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level athletes and coaches in track and field.

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