This is a 16 step full approach take off only, using this drill to make sure that the steps are in the right place at both the mid mark and at the takeoff. Here we are using a four-step coaches check mark with the orange cone on the side of the runway. You can see that the athlete hits that check mark, then turns over well and hits the proper take off position as well. The proper take off position will have your athletes take off foot directly underneath of their top hand while they're standing in the take off position. If the athlete is inconsistent out of the back of their approach, they won't hit that coaches check mark appropriately. If they're too far in front of that check mark or behind it you know that you need to make the adjustment in the back of the approach. If they hit that check mark and then don't hit a proper take off point, you know that the adjustment needs to be made in the last 4 steps. Again, we use this drill after we have done numerous full approach run-throughs off of the runway to establish where the check mark and a take-off point need to be during the pole vault.

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