This is a 12-step full pole vault. The athlete in this video does a very good job of timing the drop of their pole and has a nice big plant. What we are really going to focus on here is the swing. We set up the proper swing by running very well through the take off into the right knee leaving our left leg or trail leg back behind us creating an inverted c position. You can see here after we create this inverted c, we can then swing the left foot all the way up to the top hand. As you're applying pressure to the top hand, you have to keep the pressure pushing down the pole. This will allow your hips to continually rise throughout the swing portion of the vault. If you stop the pressure with the right hand, you'll notice an athlete's chest getting pulled up and forward at the same time as their hips. You want their hips moving up as their head and shoulders begin to drop back through the middle of the swing.

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