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  16-Apr-2021      By Travis Geopfert

Trackwired Training Philosophy

Trackwired makes track and field, cross country, and road running training simple.  Type in your personal goal time, and the Trackwired training plan will tell what drill to perform, when to complete it, and provide a thirty second instructional video on exactly how the drill it is to be done.  Trackwired training plans give you up to 5 months of personalized day by day training at your fingertips in 5 minutes!   

Trackwired has taken world class coaching knowledge and created training programs synced with 30 second instructional videos for all ages and skill levels in every event for track and field, cross country, road racing, and weight lifting.   

Coaches, athletes, parents, and runners.  No more guessing!  Trackwired training plans provide detailed digital video instructions of warm up routines, workout plans, interval and drill training, and cool downs laid out step by step every day throughout the training plan with personalized sets, reps, and paces of all running workouts calculated based on goal times. Accessed on desktop or mobile devices, Trackwired has the solution to all of your training needs.  

Trackwired sprints training is designed to prepare athletes for all of the sprint events through quality interval training paired with technical drills for block starts, acceleration drills and top end sprint mechanics.  The progression of workouts will get you in great shape during your general conditioning and help you peak for championship season.

Trackwired jumps training has a detailed progression for all of the jumping events from general conditioning to your championship season. These workouts will teach fundamentals for both short and full approach jumps, that include approach work, take-off drills and in air technique. 

Trackwired throws training is designed to get athletes into shape and teach them the proper technique for the shot put, discus and javelin.  The progression of drills focuses on rhythm, posture and body positioning to create the optimal angle, height and velocity at release of all three implements. 

Trackwired hurdle training will help both short and long hurdlers condition properly and teach the fundamentals of effective hurdling. The progression of drills will take all hurdlers from start to finish of their season. From basic hurdle mechanics to top end speed drills this series will teach the rhythm and technique it takes to hurdle efficiently.

Trackwired road running workouts are designed with all levels of athlete in mind, with a wide array of volume and intensity designed to help both beginner through elite level runners based on individual goals.  These workouts include the proper volume progression, warm up / cool down routines and core training needed to help you reach your competitive goals. 

Trackwired distance workouts were created with the appropriate volume and intensity progression you need to reach your racing goals. With a heavy emphasis on quality interval training and running mechanics these workouts will help you create the strength and speed you need for championship racing. 

Trackwired combined events training was created to teach both heptathletes and decathletes the progression of drills that they need for all of their technical events.  This detailed progression of drills along with quality interval and speed training for your running events will help all combined event athletes at all levels improve their personal bests.

Trackwired strength training is designed to help all track and field athletes in every event. These workouts include the intensity and volume progressions you need to compliment your "on the track" training. Detailed videos of all lifts and core routines will help insure your health and safety while developing power, efficiency and explosiveness that you need for your competition season.

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