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  16-Apr-2021      By Travis Geopfert

A Coaches Creed by Travis Geopfert

A Coaches Creed by Travis Geopfert

It's my job to see more in others than they see in themselves. 

It's my job to create structure and implement a plan.  

It's my job to identify problems and with a steady hand, find solutions. 

It's my job to teach others that greatness doesn't come easy. 

It's my job to lead by example and demonstrate that hard work pays off. 

It's my job to help others understand that failure is a valuable lesson.... if you learn from it.

It's my job to hold athletes accountable for their actions.  

It's my job to instill grit and perseverance as life long traits. 

It's my job to care. 

It's my JOY to watch them SUCCEED.  

Travis Geopfert is a Division 1 Track and Field Coach, National Assistant Coach of the Year, and Trackwired Co-Founder.

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